First-Class Quality at Indie Friendly Rates

Punch Audio = Your Premiere Audiobook Producer

Punch Audio = Your Premiere Audiobook Producer

Punch Audio is a Hollywood based Audiobook production collaborative offering first-class retail-ready Audio products at indie-friendly rates. Audiobook specialties are either a standard pay-for production, with first-rate QC and fast turnaround, or what is referred to as Royalty Share Plus. Our philosophy is simple: offer independent Authors and Publishers the same quality production as the larger houses provide, using a talented, diverse group of working Narrators.

Punch Audio


Punch Audio


Punch Audio

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Industry Standard Quality At Indie-Friendly Rates

Our Rates Full Production

Direct for Audible, Retail-Ready
$375 -$500
 Per Finished Hour *

Hybrid – Lab Labor/Royalty Share
$275 - $350
 Per Finished Hour *

  * Narrator Dependent

Audio Production See our Roster on ACX at

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Visit our Promos page to view a short excerpt from Britain's Last Tommies, a Punch Audio production!