Audiobook Producer in Los Angeles

Testimonials – In Studio

Eric Schwartzman Case Study

Eric is the Author of “The Digital Pivot”

Dr. Eric Haseltine

Author & Narrator

“I loved working at Punch Audio. Engineers were great as were Redd and Fred, who I loved, being a big dog guy myself. Fun experience, reading my own work. They made me feel like a pro.”

You can find Dr. Haseltine’s “The Spy in Moscow Station” here!

Bobby Jonah and Alex
Bobby Hundreds

Author & Narrator

Bobby Kim, better  known by his moniker “Bobby Hundreds” is an illustrator, writer, photographer, designer, and now a voice over artist. After releasing his first book “This Is Not A T-Shirt” in 2019, he came to us at our Santa Monica Studio to narrate it himself.

Don Coscarelli

Author & Narrator

“Working with Punch Audio was a genuine delight! My recent memoir True Indie, for St. Martin’s Press, was my first experience recording for an audiobook. Having a talented actor like Punch there to guide me through the process was incredibly helpful. The high technical quality and warm and charming studios made it a pleasure to come to the recording sessions. His staff of knowledgeable, friendly and capable sound engineers made the process efficient and easy. I can’t wait to work at Punch Audio again! (Now I just need to get busy and write another book!)”

Matthew McGough

Author & Narrator

The Lazarus Files: A Cold Case Investigation is a thrilling, comprehensive non-fiction piece about the cracking of one of Los Angeles’ most notorious cold cases. After years of work and research, Matthew released his compelling book, and came to us to record it in his own voice.

Michael Eric Dyson

Author & Narrator

Michael Eric Dyson is a respected academic, author, preacher, and radio host. His latest book “JAY-Z: Made in America”, a biography which tackles every aspect of JAY-Z, made it to Audio thru publisher MacMillan Press, with our very own Alex directing. Recorded at our Washington D.C. affiliate studio.