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Bilingual Audiobook Production

Bilingual Audiobook Production

Create a force Multiplier by using Punch Audio as your production partner. The results can be surprising!

Why? We have a global reach, and as the Audiobook market expands globally, we are positioned to service that expansion. Whether it is creating English language learning for a Chinese college or an indie-icon filmmaker reading his memoire, we guarantee that your work, your word, will be heard, and that your audience will grow.

We are among the most well-established and experienced production houses, having produced hundreds of retail titles. As well, we service a growing library of independent titles, many with foreign distribution.

All Genres – from Fiction, Young Adult and Gothic Fantasy to Non-Fiction, Spiritual and Foreign Language – are treated equally. For a book, a short story, a play or a commercial or business read, we can offer first-class production value with casting from an extensive roster of terrific Hollywood (and beyond) actors.

Wrote a book? Why not narrate it!

Aside from our large roster of Hollywood actors, we're here to help you produce your book the way you want it. If you're an author looking to tell your story personally, but have no experience narrating, we can help you every step of the way -- from help with narration, to recording in one of our fine studios in Hollywood or Santa Monica.

Dana Dae In Studio7

World Class Engineers.

Our engineers are here to help you every step of the way. Whether you want a second opinion on a voice your doing, need help getting comfortable in one of our booths, or even just want a cup of coffee, we're here to help.