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Audiobook Production in California

Audiobook Production in California

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2019 – Audiobook Expansion continues into Europe and South America.

Punch Audio produced a record 87 titles, many for independent authors the world over.

Notable Indies include;

Seaside Press, a Santa Monica based publisher of niche titles emphasizing WWII Survivor Stories and Memoires. See them at: Seaside Press

Now’s The Time by Educator and Jazz enthusiast Larry Strauss

Narrated by Kim Fields, of Facts of Life tv fame. This book became a short-list for many year end reviewers, having received critical acclaim for Kim’s lovely performance of a young woman navigating thru the Jazz World in an effort to learn what happened to her brilliant virtuoso father. Now's The Time Read by Kim Fields

Major Publisher release highlights:

Waste Tide – Narrated by Ewan Chung  - Award-winning author Chen Qiufan's Waste Tide is a thought-provoking future vision of how climate change affects the world.Translated by Ken Liu, who brought Cixin Liu's Hugo Award-winningThe Three Body Problem to English-speaking listeners. Waste Tide Read by Ewan Chung

 The Kennedy Imprisonment - A Meditation on Power by Garry Wills - a back title from1982  "This book is an exhilaration search-and-destroy mission on the higher slopes of our political culture. By turns comic and deeply serious, it is the most acute assessment so far of the Kennedy phenomenon." The Kennedy Imprisonment Read by Alex Hyde-White

2018 – Banner Year with 74 deliveries including-

Ghost Riders -- the story of US Forces saving the famed Lippizaner horses of the Spanish Riding School during the final days of WWII. Link: Ghost Riders Read by Alex Hyde-White

Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism Narrated by Esther Wane -- In a witty, irreverent op-ed piece that went viral, Kristen Ghodsee argued that women had better sex under socialism. The response was tremendous - clearly she articulated something many women had sensed for years: The problem is with capitalism, not with us. Link: Better Sex Under Socialism Read by Esther Wane

Oración Ferviente Narrated by Juanita Devis -- A battle plan for serious, specific and strategic prayer for Spanish Speaking Listeners. Link: Oracion Ferviente Read by Juanita Devis

Radical Inclusion -- What the Post-9/11 World Should Have Taught Us About Leadership

Forty-one-year Army veteran General (Ret.) Martin Dempsey and 41-year-old UC Berkeley associate professor Ori Brafman persuasively explain that today’s leaders are in competition for the trust and confidence of those they lead more than ever before. They assert that the nature of power is changing and should not be measured by degree of control alone. They offer principles for adaptation and bring them to life with examples from business, academia, government, and the military. Link: Radical Inclusion Read by Alex Hyde-White

2017 - The Year of Indie!

Work with independent authors such as Baron Deschauer, Jules Barnard, and the wonderful Charlotte Rae!

Continuing the release of Actor Gerry O'Brien classics, from Erie based "Tell Tale Audio."

2016 - Year of Record Production with 70 titles delivered!

Highlighted by "The Fifty Year Mission: The Oral History of Star Trek", Independent Authors RK Howard, Kahlen Aymes, Geraldine Allie, Sandra Byrd, Pepper Winters, Laura Cantu and others.

2015 - Fifty books delivered.

fifty yearBlack Sam: Prince of Pirates released on Audible, with a cast of 50 narrators
The War of Spanish Succession is over, many sailors are out of work, and the thriving American colonies are quickly becoming the place of opportunity. For Sam Bellamy it is the opportunity to become the captain of his own ship.

2014 - Forty-seven Audiobooks delivered.

Audio Libre: Our Spanish language label launches with Danny Pardo reading Una Union, published by Line-In Publishing for ESL Civics. See our Libre Roster on ACX.

2014 - Delivered Thirty-nine Audiobooks.

Punch Audio delivers: UK romantic fiction narrated by Mary Jane Wells, Jayne Entwistle, and Caroline Kinsolving,
​US fiction Metamorphosis - Cocoon Book 2 (AHW), Native American Prose and Chicano poetry from John Ortiz, ACX (3).

2013 - First full year of operation, delivered 26 books!

Punch Audio delivers: 100 hours of UK romantic fiction narrated by Mary Jane Wells, Lucy Rayner, Jayne Entwistle, and Caroline Kinsolving.

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